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Can't get to the classroom? Let us bring the classroom to you with this interactive, animated blend of slideshows, lectures, exercises and videos.

Here at White Frog we believe that people need a blended approach to learning an important concept or a complex software tool, and that is why we focus on the curriculum and the underlying message, which can then be delivered in a variety of formats. The slideshows, lectures and demonstrations are scripted to aid delivery by a teacher or trainer, whilst the exercises and reference notes are there for the delegates or students - the topic is only covered completely when you bring the two sides together. The feedback we got from our clients around the world was that it was not always possible to get a trainer in the same room at the same time as the students and either cost or time constraints meant that a new solution had to be found which could be delivered anywhere and at any time.

And so the eTeach was born - in bringing the trainer and delegate materials together we converted the lecture script into a voiceover to accompany the slideshow which we animated and then bundled in the eBook in its entirety and added the drawings and videos for good measure. We wrapped all of this up in an interactive interface with a Frog to act as teacher! What more could you possibly want?