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Whether it's a handful of colleagues or a full-time job, White Frog courses are built around industry-leading materials to make the trainer look good and keep the curriculum consistent.

Our trainer packs contain all you need to deliver a course in the chosen topic and are used around the world by professional trainers, academic lecturers and in-house experts. The subjects are broken down into individual task-based modules which can be delivered singularly or combined as a comprehensive course to suit the audience and the current requirements. Each module is then delivered by the trainer or teacher through a blend of lecture, demonstration and exercise with backup materials included in the trainer pack such as slideshows, predefined dataset files, exercise start files and videos. We have classroom handout notes, drawings*and full lecture scripts to fall back on if you need them.

Whether you are tasked with delivering your first course or you are looking to provide consistent messaging to a team of thousands, White Frog courseware has no competition.

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